Reliable, high accuracy, 3D motion tracking Reliable data for research and product development.
Fast, real-time feedback Capture very high speed motions with reliable data at up to 4850 Hz.
Easy setup in under 30 minutes A 4-tracker system can be set up and ready to operate within 30 minutes.
Fully automatic continuous calibration No manual calibration makes applications reliable, easy & portable.
Precisely known sub-millisecond latency Data output latency is < 0.0005s, perfect for real-time applications.
No data cleaning No data cleaning nor any post-processing is required to correctly identify a marker.
High precision wireless markers with zero-error Unique marker IDs eliminates marker swapping errors.
Robust and portable tracker Lightweight yet rugged design makes a VisualeyezTM system highly portable.
Simple user operation 1. Turn the system on, 2. Launch automatic configuration, 3. Start and record.
Capture over 190m3 space with just one tracker 90 degree capture. Largest sensing angles on the market.
No layout restrictions Capture any motion from any direction you want.
Very high resolution Micrometer resolution enables a tracker to detect minute movements even at a distance.