VisualeyezTM the EASE of motion capture

Our 3D motion capture systems are factory-calibrated by a large CMM with accuracy traceable to international standards (up to 0.15mm). You can trust the data you get with absolute confidence.

(A 2D camera based system must be manually calibrated by user with a short wand. Per metrology, accuracy degrades faster than the ratio of the inter-marker capture distance to the wand size. Hence the shorter the calibration wand/tool the worse accuracy.)

Micrometer resolution further enables a PTI 3D motion capture tracker to detect minute movements such as vibrations or slow motions even at a distance. Coupled with microsecond sampling precision, even small motion velocity variations can be accurately captured.
Infallible marker identification is essential for high efficacy in motion capture, especially in complex captures such as of the fingers. Each PTI motion capture system marker is automatically assigned a distinct ID during operation No special marker arrangements nor any data post-processing is ever required to help the system correctly identify a marker. Absolutely no 'marker swapping problem' will ever occur!

A PTI multi-tracker motion capture system is automatically and autonomously calibrated. This is a patented feature. Unlike other motion capture systems / cameras, no manual user calibration effort is ever required. Should any tracker gets bumped or moved during a capture, the system will recover the calibration by itself on the fly!
Each PTI motion capture camera/tracker can capture over a huge 190m3 space thanks to its patented 90-degree field of view (horizontally AND vertically), currently the widest on the market. With high-power markers, the capture range can be extended from 8m to +12m.
A PTI motion capture camera/tracker outputs the computed 3D data down to within 0.3 millisecond (< 0.0003s) from the time the marker light reaches the tracker. Since no marker ID problem will ever occur, the user can depend on receiving a correct marker data within this timing for implementing high performance real-time feedback control applications.
Wrong data is worse than no data. A large optical marker can be partially occluded and yield inaccurate position data as a result. A 3D motion capture system uses tiny LEDs as markers which are nearly impossible to occlude partially. Hence there is practically zero probability of generating wrong data by a PTI motion capture system.
The capture process of a PTI 3D motion capture system can be started and stopped by an external equipment (or device) in several ways. The system can also generate signals for triggering other equipment to start operation synchronously.
Lightweight yet rugged design makes a VisualeyezTM system the most portable motion capture system available. A 4-tracker system can be transported or carried on as baggages on flights by two people to anywhere, then set up and operated within about 30 minutes!
Unlike passive optical systems based on 2D motion capture cameras, PTI systems do not require any strobers or ring-lights to sense the marker positions. The trackers can face each other without causing any blinding problem! Hence they can be laid out and oriented in any way to capture desired (even bottom-up acrobatic) motions.

The size of a PTI 3D motion capture system, hence the capture space and complexity, can be easily scaled up or down to fit a specific motion capture application. A single tracker can already capture up to 512 marker 3D positions over an entire room. A second or more trackers can be easily added to the base system to further extend the capture space.