Fastest Of All VZ10K

Power Performance Speed

Treat yourself to the fastest 3D Motion Capture System with the new 10,000 Hz Visualeyez III VZ10K and VZ10K5 trackers. Each tracker carries its own embedded computer with multiple processors for real-time 3D calculations and error-free tracking of up to 512 uniquely-identified active LED markers, with 15 µm resolution.


Formidable power with no compromise.


Unchallenged in 3D capture!

A VZ10K/10K5 tracker can reach sampling speed up of 10,000 Hz to capture faster motions and more markers.

Every tracker can capture 3D coordinates over a 9x7x7m space, all the way to the right-angle corners.

A single tracker covers an entire room!

VZ10K/10K5 trackers come with a 100-degree field of view - the largest of all optical systems.

The capture space is fully rectangular with no clipped corners, unlike conventional lens-based systems.

Highest RMS accuracy of 0.1 mm (1D, standard calibration range)

Each 3D tracker's accuracy is verified with a 0.045mm certified 3D coordinate measurement machine complying standards ISO 9001, ISO 10012-1, MIL-STD-45662A (artifacts traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Move your tracker during capture.
Re-arrange tracker(s) arbitrarily.
No need to register markers or patterns.
No manual calibration required ever!
...even for a multi-tracker system.


0.3 ms latency only

Built for true real-time applications from the start. All computations are done internally by multiple dedicated processors within each tracker and data are sent to the user instantly. No extra hardware or protocol stands in the way.

Instant Calibration

The only technology to offer INSTANT CALIBRATION for even a multi-tracker system. Move your tracker DURING capture without any need to stop recording, and with no data errors!

Unique IDs and Tactile Feedback

Each active LED marker has one unique ID and is tracked flawlessly by the system, always. No marker/pattern registration required, ever. Up to 512 unique IDs. NO MARKER SWAPPING/identification errors. Revolutionary tactile feedback function lets you send stimuli to any specific part of a subject, prompt motions on demand, alert your subject(s) of motion deviation, provide virtual touch feedback...