Burnaby, BC, CANADA - Phoenix Technologies Incorporated (PTI) recently installed its VisualeyezTM 3D Active Optical Motion Tracking systems at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute's CEAL underground laboratory, which is the centerpiece of iDAPT (Intelligent Design for Adaptation, Participation and Technology). This underground laboratory will be one of the world's most advanced networks of rehabilitation research and development facilities when fully completed in 2011. Scientists will use the underground lab to study older people and those with disabilities as they encounter real-life challenges in a safe experimental setting. The goal is to develop practical solutions that help people live as fully and independently as possible.

PTI's VisualeyezTM 3D Motion Tracking systems will be installed in the three large chambers (or payloads) that provide different settings for researchers to study interactions between people and their environment. The chambers will be lifted on and off a motion simulator that can produce a range of motions like rolling, accelerating or pitching up and down?and creating different sights and sounds. One of the chambers is an "ice chamber" that can generate winter-like conditions, complete with sub-zero temperatures.

PTI adapted their Motion Tracking systems to withstand the continuously moving environment, sub-zero degree temperatures and various other challenges whilst collecting good 3D Motion Data at all times.

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About Phoenix Technologies Inc. - Phoenix Technologies Incorporated (PTI) innovates and manufactures VisualeyezTM, a wide-angle, high speed and high-resolution active-optical 3D motion tracking system. With its worldwide-patented enabling technology, VisualeyezTM systems are powerful 3D Motion Capture systems that collect 3D data under very challenging situations as well. For more information on Phoenix Technologies Incorporated (PTI) and the VisualeyezTM II VZ4000 motion capture system, feel free to visit www.ptiphoenix.com.