Burnaby, BC, CANADA - Phoenix Technologies Incorporated (PTI) announced today the launch of their revolutionary VZ4050 Tracking system. This system offers all features currently available with PTI's Visualeyez VZ4000, at half the form factor!

Effectively measuring only 62cm in length and weighing in at 2.2kgs (4.9lbs), the VZ4050 offers real-time active optical motion capture through their patented wide-angle technology (90 degrees in both pitch and yaw; 106 degrees diagonally at 5m). A single VZ4050 can be used to capture 3D data from up to 512 markers in real-time or multiple VZ4050 units (theoretically unlimited, tested up to 24) can be strung together to capture a larger area or motions from multiple subjects and objects.

The new small form factor at 62cm opens up real-time capture research possibilities in areas such as human factor engineering, Aircraft Cockpit pilot/instrument interaction, car and truck cabin driver/instrument interaction, in-vehicle crash test impact monitoring, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc. Coupled with PTI's automatic and adaptive calibration capabilities provided through VZAutoCal, the VZ4050 sets a new benchmark in active optical motion capture technology.

Visualeyez 3D motion capture systems have been developed to meet the world demand for superior systems to deliver high quality 3D motion capture data in real-time. What differentiates PTI's Visualeyez systems from others is their combination of exceptionally wide-angle high accuracy sensing, always real-time operation, high portability, light weight, and flawless intrinsic marker ID tracking capabilities. Today's addition of the VZ4050 further makes Visualeyez a complete 'turn-key' family of systems.